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Manuscripts submitted and under review

Perez, J.P.H., Okhrymenko, M., Blukis, R., Roddatis, V., Mayanna, S., Mosselmans, J.F.W., Benning, L.G. Vivianite-parasymplesite solid solution: A sink for arsenic in ferruginous environments? Under review in Geochemical Perspectives Letters.

Peer-reviewed publications


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Formation and transformation pathways of iron-bearing metastable minerals: schwertmannite, ferrihydrite and green rust. (Caraballo et al. 2022, Gondwana Research)


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TEM images of the precipitates after 15 min of ferrihydrite transformation to green rust (GR): (a-b) Micron-scale hexagonal plates typical of GR; (c-d) Nano-sized GR platelets (<50 nm) with very poor crystallinity (Perez et al. 2021, ES Nano).

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Adsorbed As species and low temperature leads to the stabilization of ‘green rust’ in subsurface environments, preventing further As remobilization even after 1 year (Perez et al., 2021, J. Haz. Mat.)


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As(III) adsorbs onto ‘green rust’ crystal edges and prevents its dissololution (Perez et al., 2020, ES&T)


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In the presence of dissolved Fe2+ at slightly acidic pH, As(V)-bearing ferrihydrite (FH) partially transforms to green rust (GR) and goethite (GT). (Perez et al., 2019, ACS Earth & Space Chem.)

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Iron nanoparticles (red) supported in a porous covalent triazine framework (CTF-1) material for the removal for As and Hg in water (Leus, Folens, et al., 2018, J. Haz. Mat.)


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Hg adsorption onto a thiol-functionalized porous metal oraganic framework (UiO-66-SH2) material (Leus, Perez, et al., 2017, Faraday Discussions)

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