New paper in Scientific Reports!

My GFZ collaborator Laura V. Krone just published her first paper from her PhD as part of the EarthShape project. From the drilling campaign in the semi-arid study site in Santa Gracia in Chile, we found multiple weathering fronts at various depths, even reaching as deep as 76 m from the surface. The denudation rate from this site result in a slow turnover time of the entire weathering zone (~7 million years). Despite this, we show that deep weathering is still possible.

(a) Schematic core log. (b) Acoustic televiewer image of the unrolled borehole wall. (c) Core photos of (1) soil and saprolite, (2) saprolite, (3) transition zone between saprolite and saprock; (4–7) saprock, (6) fresh bedrock. Figure from Krone et al. (2021), Scientific Reports, 11, 13057.

Please read the full paper here: